Love is …. Getting old together, carefree

Happy valentine, from Cornerstones!


Love is …. Getting old together, carefree

Love is …. Getting old carefree together

Jeanninne and Roger are both eighty

They both worked hard, they sell textiles on the market and raise 4 children. he distribute fruit in the warehouse.

Beveren was their home base. The house was big, like the garden. The attic and cellar had a lot of treasures, one more valuable than the other.

The children left the nest and swarmed, sometimes far away sometimes close ..

Roger had to do some serious work both in the house and in the garden, as Jeannine was hard to bend. She barely came out of the house.

When Roger also started to struggle with his health, the children and children came up with a luminous idea.

Why not move to Berlare, to an assisted living room, close to one of the sons.

And the knot was cut through when both were ready.

Sold house, bought new furniture, got to know the new neighbors and the care broker and enjoy it from then on!


Jeanninne and Roger feel completely at ease here. Jeannine comes back outside, walks to the drift and signs with her if she wants.

Roger and Jeanninne cook together and do the shopping together. They are happy to receive their family in their new home. That is all possible.

Getting carefree old together in a safe environment. Everyone draws for that!

Jeannine and Roger are today our lovebirds and wish them many happy and carefree years!

Cornerstones not only has assisted living apartments in Berlare ( but also in Our Lady Wavre ( and Lanaken ( )

Soon we will also start a new construction project of assisted-living apartments in Edegem.