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Everything starts with an ambition, a dream about how you would like it to be. - Martin Luther King

"The DNA of Cornerstones was shaped thanks to one of its first projects back in 2011. The ambition was immediately clear: real estate projects can only be successful if they add value to users, the environment and local authorities, not only in the short term, but also in a sustainable way. With its family roots in construction and real estate, combined with 20 years of experience in delivering many complex challenges, it couldn't have been otherwise. Value creation through a broad perspective of project development became the cornerstone for the new company. That's what Cornerstones still stands for today and remains fully committed to.”

Founder and CEO, Koen Ickroth

With his first housing concept for seniors, Koen looked ahead and made a smart, forward-looking choice. In view of demographic developments, the main characteristic of which is an ageing population, the importance of care-related property would continue to grow. And that's where Cornerstones’ expertise lies.

Cornerstones, real estate with social added value

Today, Cornerstones consists of a team of flexible partners. The portfolio includes a diversified range of residential and care-related property. ‘Assisted living' remains the passion of the property developer, however, and more than ever the domain in which Cornerstones excels in Flanders and Wallonia.